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Poems (the select few I'm OK with sharing):

9/16/04, excerpts from

It's taking away my voice and leaving my mind blank.

I want to disappear,

Bury my face in my hands and sink through the floor,

Curl into a ball and hide.

I want to pray...

My mind refuses to bend to my will.

I want to reach for my Book...

My feet stick to the floor.

I want to cry out, plead for help...

My jaw is set...


Come back,

Come back!

My wounds are not so deep

That I'd turn you away

When you bleed too.

You're drifting -

Drifting away from me.

I've never been a strong swimmer.

Currents I can't fight take us,

Pulling us apart.

These ripples in our lives

Undermine the foundation

That kept us close,

Slowly eating it out from underneath

Our shaking legs.

My friends,

Don't let us end

In this tide of heartache and uncertainty.

Too much past is behind us

To throw the future away

Without a fight.


Think of your world

As a big glass wall...

What would you do

When it crashes down?

The pieces are sharp,

They make you bleed,

And it mingles with the tears you shed

As you realize how long it will take

To rebuild the wall,

And how much blood will fall

Upon your shattered future.


Standing on a

Fencepost in my head,

I feel my feet slip

And my body sway.

The divide I straddle

Keeps sun-bright meadow

From chill black depths.

Will something push me over...

Pull me down?

When this precarious balance fails,

Where will I land?

I don't want to gasp for each breath,

Treading water

Above fathomless darkness,

A struggling speck

In a foaming sea.

11/6/03 2:15am

Not marching to the beat of any drum,

But walking softly as an orchestra resonates in a glowing chamber.

At times I pause

And sing.

Often the key is minor and my voice soft,

But when the music swells,

I can plant my feet and proclaim a song of joy.

9/21/03 1am

Curled in a ball,

I hug my knees to my chest

And sit alone on an island,

Watching the faces float past

In a vast tide around me.


The beauty rips the tears from your eyes

And flings them callously aside.

Perfect image before your eyes does not waver,

Grows only fuller in the waning light.

Only a single ray pierces the darkness inside.

You wish it would widen and fill you,

But the oppressive black crowds it,



The light struggles.

Will it win...

Or will the tears return to you this night?




In dappled shade beneath a tree.


I looked for solitude

And found Grace.

I poured out my pain -

You poured out Your Love

As You poured out Your blood long ago

For me.

I wept and you filled my haunted eyes

With Joy.

8/2/03 12:20am

Fall again.

Drifting away from me...

Black tears flow slowly,

Mingling with the depths I stand watch over,

Fervently searching for signs of life,

Hating the ripples -

Illusory shadows of what once was you.

The shoreline is bleak when I must stand alone,


Clinging to shadows,

Waiting for another day.


Lost sight of the sun.

Strain feverishly towards the horizon,

Only to find no trace of light.

It will return.

The deluge which seems to persist indefinitely in beating down and darkening the sky

Will end.

To face into the wind whilst a cold rain penetrates

Grows tiresome,


Chill mist,


As the thunderhead builds and blackens the sky.

But the darkest clouds,

Most ferocious storms,

Run their course and cease.

The twilight world will recede and briliance burst forth,

Flooding the path trod for so long stumbling in darkness,

Head bowed,

Eyes stinging from the onslaught,

With light again.

Look up

And catch the bright arc of color

Above the drenched aftermath,

And watch the path dry.

Walk with springing step on firm ground

Where once dark pools obstructed the path.

The sun will shine again.



Burned in the back of my mind,


Snapshots of nature at its best,

Glorious creations.

My fingers itch and I reach for the pencil.

But its strokes are timid where they should be bold

And stark where they should be soft.

I look at the 'finished work' and sigh.

My own incompetence serves as preventative.

The lines on the paper, smudged and blurred,

Fail to do justice.

The snapshots are missing some intangible thing

A photographer worthy of their taking would have captured.


I see myself as from afar,

Standing at the edge

As I scan the horizon.

Clouds roll in

But I stand,

Feet planted,

Face upturned,

Ready to meet the coming storm.

Waves begin to crash...

I feel them rumbling through my feet,

Shaking every tense muscle in my body

Up through the ancient rock of the precipice

Where I stand,


I will rejoice in the rain

Though it may sting my face,

Plaster my sodden clothing to my shivering body;

It is necessary,

Though the wind and rain may sap my strength,

I will not leave my ledge,

For it is safe,

And the storm will end.

The sun will shine and I will rest contently,

Watching the waes gently lap,

Crumbling the damp earth beneath my fingers,

And smiling at the promise the world holds.


I bow my head

And allow the music to carry my thoughts to God.

Then I know Peace.

The creases upon my brow smooth

As I slowly lift my head

And smile,

Eyes closed,

Alone with my prayer

Except for ht Lord,

Who hears me.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006
Gettin in the swing of summer...

I've been sleeping in almost every day and it's spectacular. I went from feeling finally well-rested to feeling lazy in about a week. But what, you might ask, have I been up to beside sleeping?

Well....unfortunately for the few of you who still check back here every so often, I don't get to use the computer terribly often because I'm at my parents house and have two siblings who tend to monopolize the computer. My brother glues his ass to the computer chair as often as possible and all he usually does is listen to music and use aim. Loser.

Anyway, the first week I was back (14th-20th) there was much sleeping and some working. I also got to visit my grandparents for mother's day. I drove to SP one day to see Amanda's spectacular recital...my mom came too cause it was free, she didn't have anything to do, and I didn't want to go by myself. Now she wants to see "I Love You You're Perfect Now Change". I also got to hang with Holly and Willow and I think I had a Laura day (visited a bank, looked at houses, picked up her bf's motorcycle, and ate sushi) and some quality Jess time in there too. And of course, as much Matt time as I could. That might've even been the week I dyed (well, lowlighted) Jess's hair, which turned out quite lovely if I may say so. I also got to spend a day driving to Madison with Mom and Aunt Amy to move Theresa back home. That was fun. We had some great Mexican food while we were down there....but my margarita was sorely disappointing. It was supposed to taste like sour apple and it just tasted like sour crap. No one else would drink it either. Anyway...I think I also went to Oshkosh just for fun one day to hang with Theresa....I mean, I know I did, I just can't remember if it was that week...we went canoeing with the pseudo-priest she's in love with (yeah...my cousin is in love with a guy who's in seminary right now....kinda like that TV show...). We played the chauffeur game for Aunt Amy because their van had a flat tire and hit up the outlet mall, binging on $3 shirts at Old Navy and thoroughly enjoying the Bath & Body Works outlet. Then we enjoyed some coffee talk at Starbucks until I needed to go home. I think that was all I did that week....I pulled this partially from my memory and partially from scribbled notes in my day planner.

This past week I did some more sleeping. I also bought some running shoes (with Matt's assistance...bless his patient heart) and took up jogging. I'm very out of shape and still can't breathe the greatest but I'm going to work on it slowly because I remember having once really enjoyed running. Anyway, I did get to hang with Jess again this week, which is always great. I like smart people. And babies. I did work one day in there at the service desk, and I hung out with Matt a few times....though more limited because he started at the mill and they started him on days. Orientation was like "by the way, you're starting at 5am tomorrow..." bastards. One night Holly and I rented (on Amanda's recommendation) High School Musical....which was the corniest thing I've seen in a long time, but infinitely entertaining. We missed a lovely thunderstorm though.

 Last night (that would be Friday night) when I got out of work at 9:30 I kidnapped Matt and we went down to Sloshkosh to get sloshed (well...we actually didn't...but most of the others did) for Theresa's 21st birthday. We also had a break between bars (Matt and I were there for 3) for gyros. It was a lot of fun, even if Theresa and Cindy made me dance. Oh....I recommend a drink called a Dirty Girl Scout....tastes kind of like a thin mint....very good....the bartender at Molly Maguire's made me one when I told him to mix up something I hadn't tried before. Matt and I left shortly after 1am, then I headed home and to bed.

Today was relatively unexciting. I slept in...woke up with a head cold and a sore throat...did some cleaning around the house, sat in the sun for about half an hour, and worked for 7.5hrs...with Bob, Bane of my Existence. Bastard. So glad he's not closing again tomorrow. When I was driving home at 11:30 it was refreshingly cool and the sky was lit up with some spectacular heat lightning. I really wanted to go for a walk and enjoy it. Upon arriving at home, I discovered that Meredith and cousin Emily, who was visiting, also wanted to go for a walk. So we set out down the steep hill to the river. As soon as we got to the bottom of the hill it started pouring. So...we ran back up...and the other two were in flip flops. We were completely soaked by the time we got back to the house, the equivalent of maybe a block and a half away.

That's all for my update....Cheerio!

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So excited...I get to hang with Holly and Willow on Friday, go shopping with Jess after work on Saturday, and hang with Laura on Sunday. I love my girls!

In other news...moving back to town next Thursday for the summer. Staying with the 'rents until Lau finds a house. Currently looking for a second job. We'll see how everything goes.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006
I suck

Yes, I really do suck...at updating. Life flys by faster than I feel the need to tell people about it. So...I'll give y'all a brief recap of well...my life recently.

In the month of april, which it appears I have posted during yet at all...I have mostly been working on papers and working at Kohl's and spending what little free time I have with Matt. I take naps a lot too. Occasionally I get to see my friends back home on the weekend. Actually...for my sanity...I try to see at least one of you every weekend I'm home. It usually ends up being Holly or Jess...sometimes Laura if she's not working. I love you girls with all my heart. And I miss all y'all I don't get to see.

I think Easter weekend was the excitement of the month thus far. Friday was uneventful except for the fact that it was Matt's birthday. I worked a register until after 11. People are crazy for sales! Saturday I also did little beside work. I even stayed late to help my poor co-worker Sharon...because I like her and it was super messy. I ended up staying unitl 9:45 instead of 8:30. Then i ran to the ATM because I went out that night at midnight to celebrate my birthday.

That's right...I'm legal now. I feel old...like the last restriction of childhood has been lifted. Matt and I hung out for awhile and had an after-work snack at his house before heading downtown to Bazil's and meeting up with Jess, Holly & Alex, and eventually Nichole and Jon Westbrook. It made me feel special and like I have friends...which I do...don't get me wrong, it's just nice to feel like people like me. Amanda and Adrienne were supposed to come too but they're good techies and weren't finished strking for JCS until after 1am. That made me sad. Matt and I were the last of the group to leave and I hung out with him until almost 3a...but then I got sleepy.

I slept maybe 5hrs and headed back over to Matt's to go to church. His mom asked us to go with them to Christ the Rock. It was a good service and the music was great, but I missed how in-depth Calvary's studies are. They do have one thing on us though....bagpipes. No kidding, at the end of service a guy in full Scottish dress playing bagpipes came out. Well...after service we headed to the family party at the 'rents house. Arrived around 1...all the cuzzies were there. It was good. We had lots of great food and lots of great conversation, and plans for Cousin Day 2006 are in the works.

The rest of this week....meh. I've been up late pretty much every night cause I can't sleep. I wrote 4 pages of my Shakespeare paper Thursday night...until 3am. But my God! What kind of bird begins chirping at 3am?! I didn't fall asleep until almost 4.

Yesterday was a really good day, actually. The paper was done and turned in. I brought Matt lunch and went to a really short Choir class. We ran to the bank for me and Harris' for him. Then I got to take a nap...that I really needed. My parents came up at 4:30 and took us out to dinner at Bangkok Garden. It was so tasty. Then Matt headed home, as he had nothing appropriate to wear, and Mom and Dad and I went to the Union for the Sigma Tau Delta (English Honor Society) induction. It was really small. Profs Sutton and Hall and a girl I didn't know provided music and Prof Hall gave a speech. Somehow he managed to relate going out into the world for work, grad school, etc to an Icelandic folktale about a man becoming a troll. And he quoted Sam Gamgee at least twice. After the ceremony I saw my parents off, read Anna Karenina while blasting music for awhile, did laundry, cleaned my room (superficially...it still needs to be dusted and vaccuumed), and waited for Christina to get home. We went to Perkins around 1:30a and got back an hour later and fell into bed.

I just woke up at noon today. I was so exhausted. I needed it. Now I need to bathe and accomplish various and sundry other productive things before Matt comes up here at a yet-to-be-determined time. The Harris' Tournament is this weekend. Matt's competing in team sparring tonight, and possibly individual sparring tomorrow. I'm here to be supportive and Mrs. Harris said I could get in free if I helped run the time clock or keep score. So I'll be doing that all evening and most of tomorrow. If anyone would like to watch real live ninjas in action, competition starts at 6:30p tonight and 10:30a tomorrow...only $7...give a ring.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Yay spring!

It's 50 degrees out right now and I'm loving it. I've been wearin my super-comfy little boys Nike sandals that I purchased last weekend for the past three days. I just love the fact that a women's 7 is roughly equivalent to a boy's 5 because the sandals are so much cheaper.

Anyway, spring break is over now, which is sad, but pretty much all I did was work anyway. I did get to see Cathy, Laura, Amanda, Jess, and Holly each once though, which was awesome. Cathy and I went to the Oshkosh IHOP last Monday, which was tasty, and sat and talked for hours. I got to hang with Amanda and Jess for a few hours (not enough) last Wednesday, which was also super cool. Thursday night Holly and I took Willow (who crawls now!) out for coffee and dessert at Copper Rock and for a walk down the Ave. Friday I went to Perkins for breakfast with Laura (super early...okay....8:30ish). The rest of break was pretty much spent at Kohl's and with Matt except...

The Dream Theater concert in Chicago was spectacular!...despite the fact that we kind of got lost in Milwaukee for awhile on the way down...stupid closing of on-ramps. But we made it early enough to get ($15) parking two blocks away and savor a cheesy deep dish Chicago pizza at a place down the block from the theater, which was itself beautiful but decrepit. The Congress looks like it was once a classy theater or movie house complete with ornate woodwork and plaster and a marble foyer with one of those neat staircases that splits into two at the landing. Now the paint and plaster is kind of flaking and chipping and stuff, but it was a great venue for the concert. They kicked some enormous butt, hardcore. And, Matt and I gave a homeless man a bag lunch on the way back. He asked God to bless us, and I felt that He did.

...and I got to see my cousin Emily in Godspell at the Grand. Surprisingly, the talented male singers outnumbered the females, who were vocally quite weak. Good show, though. and I got to hang with my cuzzie Theresa and we ate Glass Nickel Pizza Co. pizza and Leon's frozen custard at their house afterward...mmmm.

Still recovering from the 45min of sleep I got Sunday night, but other than that the week is going fine. Using coffee to stay up late to finish a paper = insomnia + mild panic attack = not cool = tired and cranky Monica. A 3hr nap Monday afternoon and a 1.5hr nap yesterday helped though.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006
life is like a bowl of ice cream

Some group or another was selling Coldstone Creamery ice cream today to finance their Spring Break service trip...or something...anyway, my extremely sweet and wonderful and not-at-all wealthy boyfriend spent $3 and bought me some ice cream (ironically, just before my Foods and Nutritional Health class)! Awwww..... : )

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Idol impressions

Taylor Hicks is so wierd. I love him.

Why was a giant flower trying to eat Paula's breasts?

Ryan Seacrest is a tiny little man.



Note to self: Don't look directly at the light bulb when switching on the lamp. It hurts.


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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Nothing is interesting in my life right now...for serious

I cannot believe that I have a Lit review for Shakespeare requiring 20 sources (none of which I have found yet) due next Thursday. Ick.

I have to drive to Appleton to work tomorrow night....not excited. Especially if the forecast of freezing rain comes true. Double Ick.

I have no money. Like....literally...I have $8 in my checking account right now and I have my Visa bill coming due very soon and only half a tank of gas left. And the Dream Theater concert in Chicago that I will have to procure $ for gas and dinner for. And my next paycheck will only be like, $100. Triple Ick.

This Thursday morning my mum is going in for knee surgery. She let me read the doctor's report from her last appointment. I'm no nurse or anything, but at least two tendons are torn (including ACL), the meniscus (cartilage) is torn, and the bone is bruised. Not cool. Poor mum!

So excited about Dream Theater on the 18th!

Randomly: I love freshly-baked things. Last night I baked bread and a cake and hot fresh buttered bread and fresh moist cake are just wonderful. I could be so fat if I decided to bake more often.

I totally love the new jeans I purchased at Kohl's for about $5. I'm even getting used to the butt bling (it has little jewels on the back pockets). I also got a $5 white button-down dress shirt, a $2 towel, and $1 pair of gender-neutral baby shoes for Jess...surprise!!!

That's all for now, I'm going to go amuse myself by finishing Emma two days early and watching TV and possibly making tea.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
I'm a certified slacker...

...when it comes to updating. My excuse is that my freetime consists mainly of reading. Namely Shakespeare and Jane Austen.

I did have a spectacular weekend, though. So fun that I'll tell you all about it:

Friday was the least exciting day. After classes I did laundry and packed for the weekend and went and worked register until close. Soooooo.....boring! It was the night before a Super Saturday sale so no one was shopping. Went home and read before bed. I learned that, unfortunately, everyone in my family either currently was or had been puking all week. Not cool. Vowed to spend as little time as possible at home all weekend.

Saturday I woke up to my dad sticking his head in my room and saying "Aren't you supposed to work at 8?" to which I replied "Yes, why, what time is it?" to which he replied "8 o'clock" to which I replied "Oh shit". I think I had one of those turn your alarm off before becoming fully conscious moments. Whoops! Anyway, I called in and told Sharon why I wasn't there to help her yet and got ready in under half an hour. Work went ok except some frustration with the pickup right before I left. I was magically short exactly $50 and couldn't figure out why. I'm always worried that it's my fault and I miscounted when it could just as well be whoever was working in the office before me. Who knows. Anyway, after work I called up Holly and Jess, who I had prearranged to meet at Jess's. I really wanted Suanne's bagels, but i was half an hour late, so I picked up some milk and soda for Jess and grabbed some muffins to have with coffee. I chilled with my girls (including Willow) and Ed for the afternoon and we had coffee and muffins and Ed serenaded Willow with his guitar and then we girls watched the new Pride and Prejudice movie, which was excellent. Holly and Willow had to leave before dinner time, but Ed and Jess let me hang around and we watched DVR'd Grey's Anatomy, House, and Mythbusters and had Chinese delivered. It was a great day. And I probably avoided being sick by not being at home.

Sunday I woke up to Laura calling me and telling me she'd be here in about 15 minutes.....apparently had the same alarm troubles. I got my butt out of bed and got dressed (despite needing a shower) and we began our search for open houses. We stopped at Starbucks for some much-needed caffeine and to make a list of where to stop. The nice old guy that I think was the manager told us he'd give us free drinks to celebrate when we found the dream house. Laura and I drove around until around 4:30 (including a late lunch at Culvers) and saw a few great houses and a handful of not so great houses. We went all over the valley and once I even led Lau in a circle back to the same house. I'm still embarassed. In general, though, I wasn't a terrible navigator. I stopped at home for around an hour, packed my stuff, and headed back to GB. At 6:30, for lack of anything better to do, I went with Mindy to a Pure Romance party downstairs. I learned some things, and it was entertaining so I don't feel as though I wasted my time. Around 8 Matt came over, having been in GB all day ice skating, eating pizza, and moving stuff for Mr. Harris with "the karate kids". We made ourselves a 10pm snack and crawled in around 11. Dorm beds can only comfortably accomodate 2 people for a few hours. We were smart and pulled the mattress from Noel's old room and made it up w/ sheets and blankets just in case one of us got really uncomfortable. Around 3am Matt moved to the floor. It was a lot colder without him. How is it that men are so much warmer than women? It's crazy.....crazy great!

Anyway, Monday was fine as far as classes went. Mat left me at 8:45 for running and I woke up half an hour later to get ready for shakespeare at 10. Then I made Matt lunch and brought it to the Sports Center for him and ran to Choir. Prof Plier wasn't there and Janet the super cool accompanist let us leave at 12:30. I think I kept Matt until around 3 then sent him home to work. I read, napped from 5-6:30, went to the Sports Center, and got groceries. Productive, eh?

Today classes weren't really worth mentioning. I talked to my mom on the phone cause she had a doctor's appointment today for her knee (twisted it skiing a few weeks ago). Apparently she completely ruptured her ACL and tore some meniscus (cartilage in the knee). Mum's having surgery next Thursday and will be off of work for a week. If any of y'all in the valley want to visit her I'm sure she'll be getting bored and would welcome the company. My supervisor also called and guilt-tripped me (kind of) into switching shifts this saturday. Plus side: working customer service instead of register. Down side: had to cancel lunch date with Nichole, who I haven't seen in forever and a day. Then I went downstairs to watch Matt and Sarah (one of the Karate Kids) teaching each other ninja things in the big lounge downstairs until Sarah had to leave. Matt and I feasted on spaghetti and meatballs (homemade!) and asparagus and brownies before he left to go do homework. Since then I've watched Idol and read quite a bit of Emma. I'm not tired yet so I think I'm going to start on a major update to the quotes blog. Check it out.


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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
I'm retaining fluid in my heel...

...in a giant blister I acquired whilst skiing on Saturday. Freakin huge!

Not that that's an excuse for not blogging in forever...but it's unpleasant so I thought I'd let everyone know. Not that you care, of course, but I thought it made an interesting and attention grabbing title for the post. And it hurt like a beast for almost 2 days, so I cared about it...though progressively less so each day as it gets better. Yay! I can wear non-clog shoes soon, maybe even tomorrow.

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day!

Matt and I took a nap to celebrate. Like, for serious...from about 1-3 this afternoon. It was great. Then we did homework until it was time to head to Harris' for sparring. It was fascinating to watch and I got all excited everytime Matt did something all hardcore ninja-like. (for example...this brown belt was trying this tornado kick [spinning and flying in the air] on him and he totally sent the kid flying...I was glad they were wearing head gear) It was the first sparring match I've ever seen. Totally exciting, even though Matt got caught in the face with fingernails (don't worry, we peroxided and Neosporin-ed in when we got back). Anyway, back at the apartment I baked brownies and we hung out until 7, when Christina and Amy from across the courtyard and I simply had to watch Idol. I can't wait till we see more singing. Then we watched House, which is a truly excellent show.

I'll try to keep up with this business more often, but my life has been too busy and too boring lately.

Now it's time to read some Shakespeare and hope I can fall asleep soon. Cheerio!


p.s. I get to see Dream Theatre next month! woohoo!


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Friday, January 20, 2006
Back to school!

Ok....so I'm not all that excited. I couldn't get into Publishing Practicum (or rather....I'll never know because the prof never emailed me back) Tuesday nights so I had to add another morning class. Now I'm in Philosophy Religion & Science, Newswriting, Foods & Nutritional Health (my last gen ed!), Shakespeare, and Major authors: Jane Austen...and Choir of course. This week actually went pretty fast. I have to get up at 8 or 8:30 pretty much every morning, but I'm done at either 1 or 2 everyday except Thursday, when I have Jane Austen at night. I'm feeling pretty good this week because I'm still living off of my sleep reserves I stored up over break.....this won't last much longer though. But hey, counting this semester I only have 3 more to go. And I'm so super excited about the prospect of renting from Laura for at least a year starting this summer. If anyone has a bedframe they're not using let me know....I need one. Tax returns will go towards a mattress. I've spend most of my freetime this week ripping cds to put on my ipod. So excited! I love it already. I've almost exhausted my and Matt's binders and I'm not even close to filling the thing so I may have to borrow CDs from all y'all.

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